A Beautiful Experience @ Brantome Police Horse Retirement Centre

It’s rare something touches you in a way you’re not expecting. There is the most gorgeous place tucked away deep in the Dordogne countryside where some amazing people do some amazing stuff. This gorgeous place is a retirement home for British police horses who have come to the end of their service through either age, trauma or injury. The whole enterprise is run on donations and fundraising by some extraordinary people. I don’t live near enough to be of much use on a weekly basis but what I can do is make as many people aware of this wonderful place and send a steady stream of guests there for the equine experience which I guarantee will touch hearts as it did for me.

The photo above is of Lewis – a magnificent shire thoroughbred – and Roland, one of the passionate owners who, along with his wife Alison, run Brantome Police Horses Retirement Centre.

When you are next in the area – either as our guests or staying in the region – visit this wonderful place and enjoy an English cream tea after your heart has been melted by the horses, donkeys and ponies.

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