Local Information

On the pages in this section you will find lots of information about things to do and places to visit during your stay at La Maison Grange.

But first, that all important question - What's the weather like?

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The Dordogne is a passage area with regard to climate. There are mild winters and the summer temperatures are on average 7 degrees higher compared to the UK. The temperature strongly differs by region. The position of the valleys, the rimpeling of the valleys, the profile and the sun's altitude towards the hills, the open environments, woods and lakes create specific areas with different weather. The summer is often long and can be very warm. Good months to visit are May and June because the days can be deliciously warm, September and October can also be lovely and warm like 2011 for example. We were experiencing temperatures in excess of 30 degrees late October! The mornings can be misty but as it brightens up later you'll see the surroundings at their best.

Broadly speaking:

Summers are warm-hot (25-35 degrees) with occasional storms and showers, although colder spells can also arrive and last a day or two. Early morning can still be quite mild.

Spring and autumn in the Dordogne are similar but milder (22-28 degrees) and with a greater chance of rain - especially in late spring, periods of heavy rain can arrive quite frequently

Winter, although usually mild in south-west France, tend to have occasional short periods of cold weather (down to -10 degrees sometimes) and more frequent rain (especially in late winter and early spring).

The weather is rarely 'grey' and even during the winter the sky tends to be bright and sunny.